Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Our Weather is Having Mood Swings

Poor plumeria froze last week.
Last week we had a couple of nights where the temperatures dipped below freezing. I know that doesn't sound like news, but in Los Angeles, it is a rarity. Today our high was 86; a nice toasty Southern California winter's day. My poor garden is confused. 

The new year brought frost damage throughout my little garden. My plumeria took a hit. The leaves turned brown but the thick stems are still green and plump, and they look healthy so there's hope. It is a deciduous plant anyway, so we'll have to see what it looks like in the spring. It was planted only a few months ago so I hope it was established enough to tolerate the trauma.

The nasturtium volunteers had sprouted and they all froze. 
Luckily I saved some seeds which I can sow if no others pop up. I have to have nasturtiums, after all.

It is finally time to say goodbye to my pepper plants since they were damaged by the frost.
These serrano and ancho-poblano plants have produced dozens of peppers this season. I'll harvest the last of the chilies and dry them, or maybe I can talk my husband into making his delicious chili rellenos. They're amazing.

While the recent low temps caused some damage, today the sun is back, bright and beautiful like this first poppy of the season.
Who knows what the weather will be like next week, but for now I will soak up the warmth of this lovely day.

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