Monday, February 16, 2015

Harvesting Bok Choi to Get a Second Yield

This year I harvested the bok choi by cutting it off close to the ground with a serrated knife. I left about an inch of the plant with the lowest leaves intact. Shortly little sprouts started to appear. Each little sprout produced an individual baby bok choi.

Our bok choi was beautiful and delicious this season. The plants grew to about 14 inches in diameter. This plant was harvested Jan. 9th.
By Jan. 17th the sprouts were popping out from between the cut leaves.
Here's another one.
One plant produces 6-8 baby bok choi plants in a clump. Here are 2 clumps growing next to each other as they looked today before they were pulled.
Today I harvested the baby bok choi by pulling the plants out of the ground. Here you can see several individual baby bok choi growing from one root ball; a second harvest from one plant.
Click here for a delicious recipe for braised bok choi. 


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