Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bessie May Loves Carrots, and So Do We

Who can resist that look? My sweet Bessie May loves carrots...and strawberries, green beans, apricots, etc. There's nothing unusual about that. The amazing thing is, she knows them by name, and she knows where they are growing in the garden. Someday I'll take a video as proof, but let me just say that if the back door is open, and I say that we should go get some carrots, my dog will bolt out to the garden and wait by the correct gate.  

Here she is waiting for me to catch up. I told her we needed to get some green beans. 
It took me a couple of minutes to grab my camera after I said that. She waited there for me. 

She rarely goes into the garden until she is invited. I didn't teach her to wait, she is just intuitive.

She also rarely sneaks things or nibbles on things when I'm around. Now when I'm gone, that's another story. Apricots are seldom found on our lower branches. Anything that is not fenced in is fair game in her mind. 

Who can blame her? All she gets is kibble, when we can have this...
Fresh carrot juice!

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