Friday, July 17, 2015

Arched Tomato Trellis

Luckily my tomatoes are doing well this year. In fact they are outgrowing their trellises which are about 6 ft tall.
We still have months left in the growing season, so it's time to extend the trellises. I have been fantasizing about an arched-shaped trellis covered in tomatoes since last winter. I built the arch using wire concrete reinforcement panels. They are approximately 4 ft x 7 ft and are made of rigid wire with a 4 inch grid. 

I attached the wire sheets onto my trellises and reinforced the center with 1 x 2's.
This trellis is ten feet long so I used two wire panels. I attached the panels to the outermost horizontal 1 x 2's using wire. 
It was clear that the arch needed to be supported in the middle so I used a 
1 x 2 that's about 6 feet long. I put it at the center of the arch and held it up with two vertical posts. At the highest point, it is about 7 ft high.
We have to be careful not to kick the vertical posts when we walk underneath. Sometime later, I may wire it together at the top for more stability, but for today, this is how it stands...ready for the tomatoes to grow.
...and it's all worth it for this.
Black Krim

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