Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Tasty Rainbow of Bell Peppers

Chocolate, yellow, red, orange and green...the prettiest peppers I've ever seen. Please understand, I may be biased since these are my little gems, lovingly grown from seed starting way back in February. Peppers do take time to grow, so when they are finally ripe, it is such a joy!
My husband made robust ropa vieja using the peppers. It's a Mexican dish of stewed beef featuring bell peppers. Before they were cooked, the bells had to pose for some photos.
Chocolate Bell, Quadrato Giallo D' Asti (yellow), Quadrato Rosso D' Asti (red), Orange Bell, California Wonder Bell
Chocolate Bell ripens to a deep brown. It is large with thick flesh which is sweet but has no chocolate flavor. The name alludes to the color which is definitely a chocolate brown.

Quadrato Giallo D' Asti is an Italian heirloom with the most delightful bright yellow flesh. It is a stunning plant, the sunny yellow makes a brilliant contrast to the deep green foliage. With light and crisp flesh, it might be the sweetest of my bells.

Perhaps my favorite variety this year is the Quadrato Rosso D' Asti which is the red bell. This Italian heirloom is producing numerous lush peppers of a deep red. The flesh is crisp and very sweet with a hint of a spicy finish. 
I love seeing peppers ripen, transforming colors like a chameleon. 
Quadrato Rosso D' Asti. One plant with peppers in various stages of maturity.
Orange Bell is perhaps the prettiest one in my garden. In the sunlight, this vibrant orange pepper simply glows. Deliciously sweet, it adds a pop of color to meals from stews to salads.
Lovely Orange Bell, the belle of the garden.
And finally there is California Wonder. This green pepper is a longstanding favorite for its thick flesh and boxy shape. It is the classic bell, and it's perfect for stuffing.
My bells, they are a tasty rainbow!

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