Friday, September 18, 2015

Raindrops on Papaya Leaves

We were blessed with a sweet summer rain earlier in the week. It was the perfect lift-me-up my garden and I needed after some terribly hot weeks. To say I relished the next morning is truly understating my joy. Refreshed and revitalized, the garden sparkled like my happy heart. As I strolled through the drenched garden I bent to examine my one and only watermelon when something silver caught my eye. Thinking it was metal, I turned to look, then realized it was rain drops on the papaya leaves shining like jewels.
This cabochon appears to be backed with silver.
Some jewels have imperfections like this raindrop that has something floating at the top.
Reflections of branches appear to be inside this drop.
Impossibly round, this one reminds me of a child's marble. 
See the storm clouds reflected in this one? 
They are welcome to come again soon!!

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  1. The flowers are looking very beautiful. The natural colors of the flowers attract me a lot. I will also grow some flowers in my garden to feel the freshness