Saturday, February 20, 2016

Dewdrops on Pansies

There is something fascinating to me about dewdrops. They magically appear overnight like little acrobats, clinging in gravity-defying poses.
 Some are perfect orbs.
 Others are twinkling cabochon jewels.
I encourage you to click on the photos to view them full-screen for a closer look at nature's beauty. 

For those of you who noticed, I took a break from my blog over the winter. I decided not to put in a winter garden this year, so I turned my attention to other things. Now that spring has sprung, I have been working in the garden preparing the vegetable beds for planting. The bulbs and spring flowers are in bloom and these dewdrops beckoned me today. They inspired me to get out my camera and post some pictures on the blog. I've missed the garden, my camera and the blogging. Yay for spring!!


  1. I quite enjoy the break over the winter - I always feel re-energized and raring to go once spring arrives.

    1. The break is refreshing! This was my first winter without a garden, and I'm ready to go. Enjoy your spring!!

  2. Dewdrops looks like crystals set on petals especially during the early morning time. beautiful mother nature. Your garden is a beauty.

  3. Wow... This is the best view seeing dew drops on the flowers but you have to wake up early in the morning to see these beautiful views. So its good to go for a walk in the morning to a nearest park.