Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mystery Solved

In June these seeds appeared scattered throughout my property. I mean they were everywhere and I did not know what they were. I posted about it, you can read that post here. I asked for help in solving my mystery and one reader, Michael, suggested they were palm seeds.

Indeed, they are palm seeds. And now I know that November is palm seed germination month in Los Angeles. 
Palm germinating next to rose bush.
They are everywhere, popping up in pots, beds, pathways, cement cracks, and window boxes.

The thing about them is, you have to pull them when they are young or they are a bear to remove. 
My relationship with palms goes way back. I grew up in the Palm Springs area which is famous for its date palms, so you would think I would know a palm seed when I saw one. I guess I never noticed the seeds before.

To me palms are iconic California and make a lovely silhouette against the sky but like jacaranda trees, they are not something I want growing on my property. 
We are finally getting some rain!
They are messy and dangerous. Have you ever heard a palm frond crashing to the ground? It will dent a car, so it would not feel good coming down on your head.  

As in many cities in Southern California, there are palms planted on the parkway in our neighborhood. The nearest palm to me is across the street and yet we must all deal with the mess. These palms are at least 100 ft tall so they are able to spread their stuff all over. Here's our tree so beautifully adorned with palm fronds after recent winds.
And across the street is the mess maker.
Here's a nice collection on the corner of our lawn.
I guess I could gather some more and make a cabana, except I don't want one.

And look anywhere on our property and you will find palms sprouting up. 

Free palm trees at my house! (And every other house in our neighborhood.)

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