Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Updates on Ginger and More

The ginger is growing! This is my first experience growing ginger. It is one of my favorite spices so I decided to plant the piece that was sprouting in my pantry. Here's a link to my post about growing ginger.  I planted four pieces of ginger in a clump.

The first sprout came up quickly, only 2 weeks after planting. 
Planted on Oct. 16, this sprout appeared on Oct 31.
The others have been much slower, in fact I was getting worried the others wouldn't grow. I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the fourth sprout and it finally came last week.
It's interesting that the four plants came up at different times so they are all different sizes. 
The third to arrive.
The youngest one was damaged as I pulled weeds and cultivated. I broke off the tip. OUCH. 
Being so new and tender, I guess I just bumped it with the trowel and it broke. Hopefully it will still grow. 

In other news:

I have been pleased with the way my new cabbage covers have held up to the wind and rain. 

Not one of them has suffered any damage so my design is handling what mother nature has offered so far. The plants are growing beautifully without any cabbage butterflies to bother them. Read how I made them here.

The peas are about 2 feet high and the trellis is holding up really well. 

I designed and built it last spring. It is built to be taken apart for storage but it has remained there, supporting beans and tomatoes in the summer, and now peas for our winter crop. The one thing I would change about the design is I would not bother with the horizontal strings. The crops don't really rely on them and the vertical strings seem sufficient. Here's the link if you want to see how mine is built.

The tangelo tree is loaded and the fruit is starting to turn orange. 
Here's what I see when looking up from my favorite patio chair.

I'm finally tackling the neglected corner of my yard which was a tangled mess and eye sore.
For years this corner was left completely alone, a doggy toy graveyard and thorny combination of duranta and rose.
Duranta erecta
Duranta berries
Of course some of my nemesis, the dreaded asparagus fern, was growing there too along with some jasmine. 

I am getting inspired to make something out of this corner. Right now I have blueberries on the brain. They are my favorite fruit so I may just put them in barrels along the back fence.
For now, the clean up continues but the planning has just begun.
And as always, sweet Bessie May is by my side.

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  1. Found your blog at Dee Nash's "Dear Friend and Gardener" site. Love your garden and your blog details! And I truly love your faithful gardening companion, Bessie May. My gardening companion is Miss Pinny, my four year old border collie As I pull, pick, and pluck in my garden, she's always by my side :)

    Keep up the good work!