Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Walk Through the Garden

Today is one of those days that makes living in Los Angeles worth all the traffic. Spring is here and what a glorious day it is! I know many of you are still experiencing snow and cold, so hang in there. Spring is on the way.

My seedlings are coming along so today was the day I prepared my beds. The winter plants are winding down and the open areas were cultivated and amended, then watered. After a long morning of digging, it was such a treat to walk through the garden and take some photos. My back is sore but my heart is happy.
Wildflower garden, future home of tomatoes.
Freesia is my favorite flower fragrance.
Lettuce, spinach, carrots, strawberries and onions; future home of tomatoes.
Spinach and carrots
Volunteer lettuce 
All that's left is the celery and cilantro; future home of cucumbers and green beans.
Cabbage under tulle net
Maui onions for my dad
The blueberries are showing a hint of purple.
Minneola tangelo 


  1. Beautiful garden, Andrea. I'm envious of your backyard space. I just planted 2 tomatoes in a location that they will get good sun in my tiny yard. Let's see how they will do this year. I battled with blight last year and I hope that it will not be the case this year.

    1. Thanks!. My tomatoes were a disaster last year. Feeling hopeful for better luck this year! Good luck to you.