Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Flowers

Spring is here!!! It's official. Stepping into my garden, the fragrances of sweet peas, freesia and pink jasmine lift my soul. I find myself pausing to treasure the joy that is spring; birds, bees, buds and beauty all around. 
Our newest tree, a dwarf nectarine. 
Looks like we will have a bumper crop of blueberries this year!
The past couple of weeks have been busy in my little slice of heaven. Soil has been amended, trellises are going up, seeds are being planted, and the seedlings are being transplanted. I've removed some lawn to make a new bed for melons and tomatillos. This is a part of my plan to expand the garden and create a pretty and productive place in the corner of our yard which has been neglected for years.
It is that magical time of year when planning is done and action begins, when possibilities are endless and the bugs and mildew have not brought their frustration upon me. I will enjoy every minute of the hard work, stiff muscles and aching back...because spring is in the air and like the garden, I am renewed.

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