Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring Window Boxes - Plenty of Pink!

My favorite garden chore is replanting our window boxes.  
It's instant gratification, an uplifting change, like a fresh manicure. Mine are replanted twice a year; spring and fall. Last year I planted the boxes featuring red cyclamen, making quick Christmas window boxes. Click here for some tips on planting window boxes from one of my first posts.
The cyclamen continued to bloom until they were pulled to make way for these pinks that I love. 
This year we have Neon Rose petunia, impatients (Blue Pearl, Super Elfin Lilac, and Super Elfin Pink), white alyssum, and wire vine. Meuhlenbeckia axillaris is called wire vine because the stems look like wire. This is my first experience growing it and I'm loving how delicate it is. I hope it doesn't take over.
The plants are from six packs, so they are small and really packed in there. In a few weeks they should be lush. 
One of the best things about window boxes is that they bring the garden into the home, and the flowers to eye level. 

Doing dishes is a chore. Pink flowers make it better. 

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