Monday, June 2, 2014

Ichiban Eggplant's Velvet Splendor

Captivating are the textures of velvet leaves and silk crepe petals. The Ichiban is blooming and I had to have a closer look, if not a gentle touch.

Before blossoms show their hue, purple veins and leaves suggest the color of eggplant.
Stems hold aloft buds like eyes with long lashes looking outward.
Muppet googly eyes.
Here's an Ichiban blossom against May sky.
Can you find the aphid?
This is my first experience growing eggplant. It looks as though it may need some support soon.
Ichiban is the longer and more narrow variety.

Next to the Ichiban is another eggplant called Black Beauty which produces a rounder eggplant. Its leaves are more subtle, lacking the purple tones. 
Lady bug on Black Beauty leaf.
It has yet to bloom. Together they are nestled near the beans and carrots. 

I am looking forward to seeing the shiny eggplant next to the velvet leaves. And I'm even more excited to taste it.


  1. Wow! Your blog about your EP is quite something...... and I'm sorry to say my planters are I will gladly live vicariously through your pictures and posts and prose.......thx for remembering my EP post.....making me hungry just thinking bout the outcome......what kinda beans and do you write best at midnight......

  2. Sometimes the ground needs to rest, right? Luckily there's always Ralphs if you get a craving for some eggplant. The beans are green beans (bush and pole). So many beans...
    I love those last couple of hours in the day so I usually stay up later than I should. Quite time.

    1. Oh, and nice vehicle. That's some suspension.