Friday, June 20, 2014

Unwinding in the Garden with the Birds and My Pal

Traffic. Rude drivers. Slow drivers. Pot holes. Did I say traffic? Living in the Los Angeles area can take its toll especially when your job entails driving around all day. I'm a patient person, except around 4 pm when driving home through LA traffic. I don't go all road rage and honk (unless it's necessary). I don't yell (usually). I definitely don't flip people off (I'm not crazy). Luckily I have my garden and my dog to help me unwind.

When I get home, my dog has a plan. It's ball time. Bessie is my dog, my friend and enthusiastic ball catcher.

Unfortunately she has a knee problem so she can't play ball the way she would like...leaping and catching the ball high in the air is her favorite thing in the world. Trying to throw the ball lower so she won't jump is my tactic but the problem is, she has only one speed. She goes all out as fast as she can and if she misses the ball she scrambles after it, often skidding sideways. Not great for her knees either, so ball time is short. And her smile says it all. A little catch is better than no catch.

Only after I have satisfied her ball obsession can I sit and relax. Ten minutes sitting in the shade listening to the birds and looking at the garden is all I need to let go of that traffic stress. I can just feel it melt away. Managing my stress is something I take seriously. And reconnecting with nature is my quick fix.

Who needs fancy candles and perfumes when you have roses, gardenias and plumeria in the garden? Often I will pick a flower and just sit and sniff it.

Aroma therapy in its simplest form.

Breathe in the fragrance, breathe out the stress. Works for me.

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