Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Milkweed Update

What once was covered in pretty yellow flowers...
is now covered with ugly yellow aphids.
And lots and lots of seed pods.
This is my first experience with milkweed. I've been cautioned by my father that it will pop up everywhere if it goes to seed. Weeding is not my favorite chore, so those seed pods will be removed in the next couple of days to prevent them from taking over the garden. 

For curiosity's sake, I tore one open to reveal a load of immature seeds. 
Now I see how it could be a problem. That's a lot of seeds. 

Wanting to attract bees and butterflies, I took a chance and planted the milkweed even though it attracts aphids and can easily spread. 

And it worked! 
The butterflies are all over the plant,

 fluttering around my garden, doing their good work,
and making me smile.

So the milkweed stays, aphids and all.


  1. What a beautifully taken shot! The vibrant colors, the clear sunny afternoons, the fluttering butterflies <3 I love everything about the photos. So beautiful and welcoming. I could laze around here with a book and chocolate all day long.

  2. Yellow flowers look so good. But even these yellow aphids i don't think ugly. Because even ugly but it is very useful.