Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Red Russian Kale

My family loves kale. It goes into my morning fruit shake, and my son eats a bowl-full raw with garlic, avocados and tomatoes as a bedtime snack. Luckily the plants are robust so they just keep producing leaves even though they are picked daily. Other than the occasional aphid attack, mine are healthy and vigorous.
Blue curled leaf kale and red Russian kale

Red Russian kale
Last summer I was given some Red Russian kale seeds. It was new to me, I had never heard of it. I simply must find that acquaintance and thank her because it has become a favorite.

The flavor is more subtle and slightly sweeter than the other variety in my garden which is blue curled leaf kale. The texture is very different because the leaves are flatter although they are still substantial. I love how water just beads off of the leaves when you wash them.

The combination of green and purple is beautiful.
Any plant that brings purple to the party is always welcome. Look at the stems.
It's attractive enough to look nice in a pot on a patio, especially considering its health benefits. High in vitamin C, vitamin K and beta carotene, it also contains cancer-fighting chemicals. 

My favorite way to eat it is to saute it with garlic, nuts (any kind, I love them all) and a little soy sauce served over red quinoa. Delicious!

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