Sunday, January 4, 2015

Succulents in Driftwood Planter - A Special Gift

This succulent and driftwood planter was a Christmas gift given to me by my daughter's precious boyfriend. He came to celebrate with us for the first time this year, bearing unexpected gifts for the family. It touched me so to see him carrying those gifts into our home. Knowing him, I should have realized he would come with an armful. He is everything I have ever wanted for my daughter; a loving man, kind to the core, devoted, steady, tender, humorous, adventurous, supportive, accepting and so much more.  There is no greater joy than seeing your children happy and in love, creating fulfilling lives. 

So this beautiful planter is the perfect addition to one of my favorite places. My deck is where I enjoy my morning coffee. It is where I sit for a few minutes here and there throughout my day when I need a little fresh air. 

Like most gardeners I prefer to be outside and the deck provides a quick escape. I made the screen to give privacy from the neighbors and I have a few potted plants but the table remained unadorned. This little succulent garden is the perfect addition. 

The plants even coordinate with the screen fabric.

I love the combination of plants and the simplicity of the design and I wanted to share it with you.

Seeing it will remind me of how lucky I am to have a sweet, happy daughter who is loved by a very special man.

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