Monday, May 5, 2014

Nest of Good Karma

Funny how timing is so important. One small occurrence, if timed properly, can be just the nudge you need to move forward. For quite some time I have been pondering this blog, too unsure to begin. And I mean it's been many months that I have waited, feeling insecure about it. I hadn't shared my idea of using a picture of an empty nest as my background, or really any details about the direction of this blog. I wanted to get it together first. My idea of using a picture of an empty nest goes way back and it was one of the details that was holding me back.

 I didn't have a picture of a nest.

I thought I might be able to photoshop one of my old photos of a hummingbird nest, but none was really clear. I have been looking in our lower trees and shrubs for months but no pretty little nest was found. I thought maybe I could paint a picture of a nest, but since my painting skills are more imagined than real, that seemed like an idea which was better left as a concept.

So after months of procrastinating I wrote a few draft posts and started creating the blog. Determined to get the blog started, thoughts of empty nest pictures were driving me to distraction. And then one day I came home and found this amazing nest on my window sill, right next to the front door.

Lovely little nest I placed on the ground for photos.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was this lovely little nest, so beautiful and perfect. What care had been taken to build a home both sturdy and soft. (Isn't that what we all hope for in a home?)

 I couldn't wrap my head around it. How did it get there? And how amazing is this timing?

It turns out, my husband found it on the curb. This cozy little nest had fallen from a large tree in our yard near the street. It was sitting face up apparently undamaged. He said he thought about leaving it there but he felt it would be of no use to the birds on the curb and he couldn't reach even the lowest branches. Wanting to show it to me he left it on the window sill.  

It was the nudge I needed. The timing was just right. Looks like my little blog has good karma.

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