Thursday, May 8, 2014

Replacing a Hose End

Changing a ruined hose end is simple, and much less expensive than a new hose. You will need a screwdriver, box cutters and a new hose end.

There are basically two sizes of garden hoses, so before you head to the hardware store, check to see if your hose is 3/4 inches or 5/8 inches. Buy the correct size hose end because there's nothing more frustrating than getting home from the store with the wrong size part. Also check to see if you are replacing the male end or the female end.

There are different types of hose menders. Some are plastic, some have many little prongs that you bend to clamp it onto the hose. This is the type I prefer, it is metal and has a metal hose clamp. I find it is the easiest to use and it holds up well with high pressure.

Once you remove the packaging it looks like this.

Use box cutters to cut off the old end of the hose. It's easiest to pierce the hose first, then use a sawing motion. Try to cut the end off evenly.

Use a screwdriver to open the hose clamp wide enough to place it over the end of the hose.

Slip the clamp over the end of the hose.

Push the new hose end into the hose. If it is difficult to push it in, try placing the end of the hose in a cup of hot water to soften the hose and the tip will push in more easily.

Push the new end all the way in so the hose is pushed up against the metal rim. Slide the hose clamp to the end of the hose, use the screwdriver to tighten the clamp and you are done!

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