Friday, November 7, 2014

Fall Seedlings

Bok choi
Fall in my Southern California garden means warm days with cool nights, and that is perfect for germinating the seeds for our winter vegetables. People say we don't have seasons in Los Angeles because we have perpetual sunshine. If you ask me, the seasons are obvious here. Fall is definitely in the air. 

Our summers are long, hot and dry. Last week we had the first rain of the fall, a welcome relief from months of dry weather. I really can't remember the last time it rained before that, but it was probably in June. Our poor plants accumulate a thick layer of dust and grime over the summer. They look dull, tired, sad. Then the first rain happens and an amazing transformation occurs. It's like taking a shower after camping for a week. Nothing feels as good as a nice shower. The whole world looks bright and renewed after the rain.

My timing was perfect. The seeds were planted and the rains came and the garden came alive!
Red Russian kale

Cilantro volunteer


Romaine lettuce, thinking outside the box.

Sweet peas, how I love sweet peas!

More peas

Sweet Bessie May, my gardening companion

Aroma therapy
Fall is in the air, even in LA.


  1. Looks very nice, here in North New Jersey I am heading toward the end of my fall garden, this weekend I will be putting the garlic in the ground and after that I will be putting all the unused beds to sleep for the winter.

    1. Enjoy your gardening this weekend! I'll be out there tomorrow harvesting the last of my chili peppers.