Monday, June 29, 2015

Cosse Violetta Pole Beans

Cosse Violetta are beautiful beans, deeply purple on the outside, green inside. My current favorite bean, they are sweet and tender in addition to being pretty. And the flowers, well let's just say they are lovely.

Hanging in clusters, the pods grow to 10 inches long and are a striking contrast to their green foliage.
These vines are vigorous and have spilled over the top of my 8 ft tee pee. 
My dog loves Cosse Violetta beans! Here she is waiting for me to put down the camera and pick her a little snack.
When they are young, the beans are green then gradually turn purple. I love their stripes as they mature.
One interesting thing is, they tend to turn green when cooked. Oh, are they delicious!!


  1. As your photos demonstrate, a gardener with many talents. Thanks for sharing these. Really nice garden and accomplished photo composition and I like the old Lab.

  2. Thanks for your kind comment, Ward. I've been working on my photography skills, and the garden is a labor of love. As for Bessie, she's simply the best dog ever! I see you have a blog and I can't wait until I have more time to read about your adventures. My parents were both thigh school teachers, my dad taught Earth Science and my mom taught business classes. They (we) traveled every summer, camping here and there. Your blog will bring back memories of our trips. Thanks again for the comments. Happy Fourth of July!