Sunday, June 7, 2015

Romanesco Zucchini

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. This year I took a gamble on a new variety of zucchini and this one's a winner. Tender and thin-skinned with raised longitudinal ridges, Romanesco is one beautiful and tasty zucchini. When cut in cross sections, this zucchini produces interesting gear-shaped slices.
No need to peel it: the skin is so thin and tender, it is unnoticed when you take a bite. 
The texture is light and crisp, making it delicious raw, but it's even better lightly cooked. For lunch, I quickly sauteed some of the zucchini with Golden Wax beans in butter with garlic, then sprinkled fresh chopped tarragon over it. Delicious.  
The plants are huge, so it is a big commitment you are making when you plant a zucchini.
Because my garden is small, we only grow one zucchini plant per year, so trying a new variety was a bit of a gamble. I have to say, this is my favorite variety I've ever tried. Just be sure to harvest them when they are small because if you leave them on the plant, this will happen.
My husband loves to cook, and even this big zucchini does not phase him. He told me he intends to slice it, bread it and fry it. That's the only hint I have about his plans...cannot wait!
This one weighs just over 11 pounds.
Our single plant has been producing a nice foot-long zucchini every 3-4 days or so.
I count 6 young zucchini.
The flowers are outrageous. No wonder bees love them. That yellow is intense and they are huge.
Maybe we will fry some of the blossoms too. They'll make a delicious treat. 

Romanesco, you have won me over!

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