Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fence and Simple Gates - Removes Easily for Gardening - Andie's Way

This fence removes easily to allow access to your garden beds. 
My 75 ft fence with 5 gates cost less than $100. It is made of 28 inch rabbit fencing, 3 ft metal garden posts, 1 x 2 inch furring strips, and simple eye hook gate latches.
Simple double gate
When designing my garden I knew a fence would be necessary because of my friend, Bessie May.

Now Bessie is not a dog who jumps fences. She is well-mannered so this fence keeps her out of my garden. It's not sturdy enough to keep out a determined dog. Luckily for me it also works for my father's smaller Brittany spaniel. 

When designing my garden I realized I wanted several gates for easy access. I also wanted to be able to remove the fence along the pavement because I did not leave room for a path, so the fence runs right along the edge of the bed. 

This is how to make it work. 

First measure the perimeter of the garden to know how much fencing to buy. 

Decide how many gates you want and where they will be located. This determines how many furring strips and latches are needed. At each gate there is one 28 inch furring strip, 2 eye hook gate latches (one higher and one lower on the post), 2 eye screws with 2 matching nuts. You will also need some twist ties or wire to secure the fencing on the metal posts where there is no gate, as well as wire cutters and pliers. 

The eye screw is placed through a hole in the post and it is held on by a nut.
The eye screw can accommodate two latches so it works great for a double gate where both sides open.
Next determine how many metal posts are needed. Mine are spaced approximately every 6 ft. There is one post at every gate. Buy the typical garden stakes with the "T" stabilizing bar at the bottom, and holes for the eye screws. Mine are 36 inch stakes.

Probably the hardest part of this project was unrolling the wire fencing. It wants to roll back up so consider this when you put up the fence. I wanted my gates to open outward so I put up the fence so that the natural bend of the wire will make it open outward. After a year the fence still wants to curl so the gates open very easily when unlatched.

Starting at one end, cut the fencing so that the horizontal wires are long enough to wrap around the 1 x 2 inch furring strip. Bend the wire around the wood strip and back over the wire to secure the 1 x 2. You want the wire to be wrapped tightly around the wood so the furring strip does not slip up and down inside the wire.
Pound the stake into the ground and place the eye screws into the holes then secure them with nuts. Then line the end of the fence with the metal post to determine where to screw the gate latch into the wooden furring strip. Progress along the perimeter of your garden. I like to secure my fence to the metal stakes using twist ties. They make it easy to remove the fence for weeding.

This simple fencing method is inexpensive and versatile. Made Andie's Way.


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  2. Thank you for the idea! I had been struggling with how to do just this.

    1. Thanks! Mine are still holding up although the wire does tend to bend out of shape over time.

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