Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Solitude Isn't Lonely Here

In my garden I am alone with my thoughts, but my thoughts are filled with people I love. So a lonely place, it is not. There is comfort in the solitude, surrounded by dear ones.

My mother is in the roses, butterflies and so much more. Truth is, she is woven throughout my soul. Tomatoes are my father's favorite, he can't wait until the harvest begins. My friend, Anne, is in the delphinium and larkspur. My grandmother is all around too. The apricots and strawberries take me back to my childhood, back to her kitchen.

Today I looked up and saw that our volunteer sunflower bloomed and it was leaning against the basketball hoop with the wind chime.

This is my little family, hanging out together with me in the garden.

The wind chimes remind me of my husband.  He is a music man; saxophone magician, composer and music historian/educator.  Lately he has been practicing his sax with our windows open. How lucky am I to listen to his beautiful sound while in the garden!

My son is an athlete, and although basketball is not his favorite, the hoop is his. His collection of sports equipment is vast. Think baseball, roller hockey, surfing, football, skateboards, bikes, etc.  Sports chiseled him, both his body and his character. He is strong, determined, motivated, resilient.

My daughter, the flower. She is sunshine personified. Happy, warm, welcoming, brilliant in every way. She sings and dances through life, all the while leading the way. A bright light in the world, she is.

I'm a lucky one.

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